Hutchinson Community College Gowans Football Stadium

The Gowans Football Stadium on the Hutchinson Community College campus is the hub of Reno County’s football and track activities, hosting football games and track meets for the HCC Blue Dragons, Hutchinson Salthawks and surrounding communities. Renovated in multiple phases, the stadium boasts seven NJCAA bowl games, five NJCAA outdoor track and field championships and home of the seven-time state high school football champions!

The renovations and expansions included a new synthetic track where once was an old cinder track, stadium lighting, scoreboard, sound system, synthetic turf football field, home side seating for 3500, 34-seat pressbox and filming platform, 2000 visitor seats, concession stands, restrooms and a new 5000 sf football training facility.

The home side seating is built on top of and envelops the old 1936 concrete structure, providing a nostalgic feel when viewed from below, where the old concrete risers and treads can be seen.