Higher Education

National Center for Aviation Training

For more than a century, the Wichita area has been the center of aircraft manufacturing, earning it recognition as the air capital of the world. To contribute to this legacy, the National Center for Aviation Training was created to train a new generation of skilled technicians for aviation work in a competitive global economy.

The 224,000 square foot campus comprises three buildings—the Gateway Building, the Manufacturing Building, and the Service Building—on a site that includes a runway and hanger as well as an apron that connects the taxiway to the general aviation airport.

The Gateway Building acts as the administration center and the student recruitment and services center. The Manufacturing Building houses both academic and research labs that specialize in technologies crucial to the aviation industry. The Service Building focuses on installation and maintenance of sophisticated aircraft components, including air frame, power plant and avionics. All three buildings share an outward architectural appearance that represents their function within.