Pathway Church – Westlink Campus

Schaefer Architecture and Hutton Construction teamed up as Architect & Construction Manager on Pathway Church’s (formerly Westlink).

The 1,250 seat, 90-degree fan-style sanctuary is designed to expand to 2,500 seats in a 180-degree fan by removing the northwest sanctuary wall and wrapping around the seating. Cast-in-place stadium risers and treads in the back half of the sanctuary were used to reduce the depth of the floor system to a minimum depth at each riser/tread to only 8 inches, thus maximizing the available headroom for the church’s library and guest/missions room below it. This required sloping forms and support on the bottom side. The risers were formed using a steel truss/beam-type formwork with suspended riser forms.

The education and office wing on the opposite side of the atrium and fellowship hall is two stories with a full basement. The wing houses multiple rooms, including classrooms, offices, conference rooms, a children’s theater, preschool, nursery, break-out rooms, kitchenettes and rest rooms. It is enclosed with 36-feet high by 7 ½-feet thick site-cast tilt-up concrete wall panels that support the steel beams and joists for the second floor and roof structure. The 60-feet by 90-feet gymnasium is also constructed from 32-feet high by 7-1/2 feet site-cast tilt-up concrete wall panels. The tilt-up panels also provide the necessary fire separation walls throughout the building.