Andover High School

The new Andover High School replaces most of a crumbling existing building with one that provides flexible 21st century learning environments, as well as safety and security improvements for all users of the facility. Existing low, dark corridors and classrooms are replaced by multi-level, open circulation and daylight filled spaces.

The design concept for the building is the simple organization of the program into two intersecting volumes. One volume comprises the classrooms, which is oriented true north/south to maximize proper daylight access and relate to the main circulation artery of Andover Road to the west. The other volume is made up of the public and special use spaces for athletics, technical education and performing arts. New spaces within this volume match the orientation of the existing spaces which remain. At the intersection of these two volumes is the hub, which is formed by the administration area and the media center.

Classrooms are organized by subject into two-story pods that radiate from a central circulation spine, which contains multi-use collaboration spaces distributed along its length. The north end of the spine terminates in an open lecture hall space called the “Learning Stair”. This space can be utilized for staff meetings, student groups and guest lectures, as well as a large teaching space.