Maize Early Childhood Center

Schaefer Architecture has served the USD 266 Maize School district for more than 30 years.  During this time, the architect continued to update the district’s long range masterplan. One need remained a priority – the need to construct a new building housing the district’s growing Early Childhood Program.

The Owner’s central goal was the “creation of a stand-alone Early Childhood Center that allows Maize to be a leader in the field of Early Education through collaboration between the school and the community.”

The new building, located on the Maize South campus, was designed with children, ages birth through Pre-K, in mind.  Its aesthetic gives it an independent identity that reflects a program that services children from all parts of the district, and beyond.  It’s colorful facade, integrated wall murals, and soft natural light give teachers and students a joyful experience as they interact.

The 33,000 square foot learning center contains fourteen bright and flexible classrooms, an inspirational music and reading space, and a storm shelter play room.  The controlled entrance to the school is through a secure vestibule and reception office.  A generous lobby allows space for the daily ebb and flow of children and parent traffic.  Between pairs of classrooms, are shared spaces, including restrooms, classroom storage, and quiet rooms for small groups.  Each classroom enjoys direct access to playground space.