Higher Education

PSU Veterans Memorial

Pittsburg State University honors their sons and daughters who answered the call of the nation. The names of those who sacrificed are honored in a beautifully composed memorial at the eastern edge of campus. The PSU Veterans Memorial is a 275-seat amphitheater situated within earthen berms, creating a place for contemplation and remembrance. The amphitheater is flanked on both sides by cylindrical entry portals that set the mood for the experience of the memorial.

The centerpiece of the PSU Veterans Memorial is a half-sized replica of the Vietnam Memorial Wall that stretches some 250 feet. In the center of the amphitheater is a reflecting pond encircled by a brick-paved plaza with 1,500 granite pavers honoring personnel from every branch of the military. At the focal point of the curved amphitheater seating stands a monumental arch displaying an eternal flame. Schaefer Architecture takes great pride in our role as designers of this meaningful and lasting project.